Wohnmobile von Phoenix Motorhomes

Phoenix Motorhomes have their own fleet of different Recreational Vehicles.

Being a direct rental agent we are therefore able to rent out our own vehicles at top conditions.

Prior to any handover our vehicles will undergo a specially devised cleaning and maintenance plan before being given to our customers. Our RVs are always equipped in a comfortable and very detailed manner, which means that you will not be given sleeping bags or disposable tableware.

We carry out all the instructions personally and in German so that you will not need any English to understand everything. In addition, all standard transfers are included.

Based on our experience of many years at the location, every customer will receive a free and detailed tour proposal on request. This will be designed in a way that will enable you to follow it in the time available to you. Our tour proposals also include impressive landscapes and scenery, as well as interesting towns only known to those with specific knowledge of the area.

Hire your vehicle with us - and feel at home. Get in touch with us - we will be happy to advise you.